I'm utterly confused by this whole thing. What is it about the locking system that's causing these cars to roll away? What does one thing have to do with the other? It's not like you enter the code wrong a few times and the car puts itself in drive and takes off to get away from you. » 10/17/14 6:58pm 10/17/14 6:58pm

Meh. Things like camless engines and solar power will change the automotive landscape, but unless there's some drastically different way a camless engine needs to be assembled, it's not gonna make much of a difference to the manufacturing process.

A few of these entries just don't belong here. » 9/24/14 11:09am 9/24/14 11:09am

You're not entirely correct either. The bottom line is that a supercharger forces more air into the engine than it would suck on its own by creating a positive pressure charge.

If it's run by the exhaust and looks like a snail, we call it a turbo. That's about it.

I have both an M45 roots style supercharger on my car… » 9/23/14 2:17pm 9/23/14 2:17pm