So it sounds like they did the same thing here that automakers have been doing with cars for about as long as I can remember. They’ve made the manual because they think people want to save a bit of money rather than for people who WANT A MANUAL. With that in mind, they’ve made it available only on the crappiest… » 4/22/15 3:59pm Wednesday 3:59pm

It’s not just these. Similar issues have been reported with new Porsche’s as well. Forum posts have suggested the first thing you do when taking delivery is to peek in the wheel wells to ensure there’s none of this packing stuff left behind. It’s very obvious if you know to look for it. » 4/22/15 3:39pm Wednesday 3:39pm

I disagree with the Equinox and the Model S both based on the premises. For the Equinox, you state the example of trendy vehicles of the past and specifically call out the S10. I rather expect S10’s to go the other way in the future. Good ones that remain may actually go up in value as there’s a certain nostalgia… » 4/22/15 11:15am Wednesday 11:15am

I recently bought a Boxster. I wanted to cross-shop it with a Corvette, but Chevy wouldn’t let me. Seriously. I contacted a few dealerships in the area and they said they didn’t have one for test drives. One said I could go ahead and order one and when it showed up, if I didn’t like it, I didn’t have to take delivery. » 4/10/15 3:56pm 4/10/15 3:56pm